User Collaboration

Enterprise-Ready Collaboration

As a team grows, the complexities of interactions involving documents, media, and emails also grows.  RackCorp UMS provides the tools for enterprises to not such collaborate internally, but to do so securely, and efficiently.

Secure Storage

RackCorp is a Infrastructure provider with a significant client-base in the high-security space, dealing with government, banking, and sensitive telecommunications networks.  Our whole DNA is about providing tools to organisations to manage their data safely, avoiding many of the risks of foreign spying:


A significant threat to any organisation is the unauthorised use of third party cloud software for the sharing, editing, and collaboration of sensitive materials.  This can result in significant financial penalties from regulators and governments for allowing employees to get around SOC compliance.  The use of tools such as WhatsApp, DropBox, and Gmail have become significant problems, and regulators have already started issuing penalties in the millions of dollars to companies who continue to allow their employees to have secret hidden chats about business that otherwise needs to be permanently recorded for legal reasons.

Often the use of these apps by employees is not driven through nefarious purposes, but through necessity, caused by the slowness and feature-lacking nature of enterprise systems, or simply the lack of mobility of in-house systems.

RackCorp UMS specifically addresses the use of these third-party apps, but bringing to employees, fast, efficient, and "fun-to-use" applications.  Specifically, the employees are more likely to use an enterprise's communications systems if they feel they're being helped, not slowed down by their use.


Sharing of files within an organisation is an important part of enterprise collaboration.  The RackCorp UMS makes sharing of files very easy for users, while maintaining security and ability to control where the data sits physically.  Options exist to share files:


Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations

With use of the powerful LibreOffice online hosted platform, documents can be edited directly inside a web browser.


Online editing of documents can be done in real-time, allowing staff to operate on the same files simultaneously:

Document types supported:

Word / Writer, Excel / Calc, Powerpoint / Impress


Export to PDF


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