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S3 Storage Settings

S3 Storage Regions


currentlyatransitiontoourBGPmodelglobally. If
RackCorpRegion isCode Region undergoingName
au Australia
au-nsw Australia you- noticeData a combination of communities is not working as you expect, please raise a support ticket as our team as it maymust be ourkept issueonly in New South Wales
au-vicAustralia - Data must be kept only in Victoria ***
au-waAustralia - Data must be kept only in Western Australia ***

Hong Kong

Region CodeRegion Name
hkHong Kong ***


Region CodeRegion Name
idIndonesia ***


Region CodeRegion Name
kgKyrgyzstan ***


Region CodeRegion Name
mn-gem1Mongolia - Data must be kept only in Gemnet Datacenters ***


Region CodeRegion Name

BGP*** LookingReferences Glassa URL
(RackCorpregion iscode currentlythat undergoingdoes testingnot onhave thisdual-physical site service and it is not currently publicly available)availability

Bucket ManagementURL: (outbound)
(PleaseDescription: noteReferences whiledata westored tryon the S3 platform, only hitting Australia-based S3 services for the bucket named rackcorpwikidemo


How to passinstall ons3cmd thesefor communities,RackCorp




CentOS still8+ advertise/ toRocky theseLinux providers)/ RPM-based Linux

yum advertiseinstall tos3cmd

Debain (AS31708)/ Ubuntu / .deb based linux

apt advertiseinstall tos3cmd



Demo (AS6939)Read-Only Access Key / Secret
56038:285 Don't advertise to Constant (AS20473)
56038:297 Don't advertise to NTT (AS2914)
56038:279 Don't advertise to Vocus (AS4826)
56038:286 Don't advertise to IPTransit (AS64098)
56038:287 Don't advertise to Indonet (AS9340)
56038:288 Don't advertise to Voxility (AS3223)
56038:289 Don't advertise to China Telecom (AS58453)
56038:290 Don't advertise to Aknet (AS12764)
56038:291 Don't advertise to Cogent (AS174)
56038:292 Don't advertise to Mongolia National DC (AS56301)
56038:293 Don't advertise to Gemnet (AS45204)

PeeringAccess ManagementKey: F4LV2SVMHUOL1UOD2LLF
Secret Key:
Default Region:
S3 Endpoint:
DNS Template (outbound)if required):
(Please note while we try to pass on these communities, upstream networks may still advertise to peering exchanges)
56038:300 Don't advertise to WA-IX AU
56038:301 Don't advertise to NSW-IX AU
56038:302 Don't advertise to VIC-IX AU
56038:303 Don't advertise to QLD-IX AU
56038:310 Don't advertise to Megaport WA IX AU
56038:311 Don't advertise to Megaport NSW IX AU
56038:312 Don't advertise to Megaport VIC IX AU
56038:313 Don't advertise to Megaport QLD IX AU
56038:320 Don't advertise to DEC-IX DE

Global Management (outbound)
56038:666 Blackhole prefix wherever possible (only IPv4 /32 or IPv6 /128 allowed)

56038:777 Do not advertise outside of local city (Useful if deploying anycast and utilising other vendors besides RackCorp)

56038:888 Attempt to pad announcements globally with prefixes for optimal anycast traffic
56038:8880 Attempt to pad announcements globally with prefixes for optimal anycast traffic (identical to :888)
56038:8881 Attempt to pad announcements globally with prefixes for optimal anycast traffic +1
56038:8882 Attempt to pad announcements globally with prefixes for optimal anycast traffic +2
56038:8883 Attempt to pad announcements globally with prefixes for optimal anycast traffic +3
56038:8889 Do not advertise
56038:2000 Do not advertise by default (Use specific keyed communities)

Cloud Users next-hop
You can use ascreate your next-hop. own Ourinside systemsour willportal automaticallySERVICES assign-> STORAGE -> S3 CREDENTIALS / S3 BUCKETS)

[demo@demohost demo]# s3cmd --configure

Enter new values or accept defaults in brackets with Enter.
Refer to user manual for detailed description of all options.

Access key and Secret key are your VMidentifiers primaryfor IPAmazon asS3. Leave them empty for using the nextenv hop.


KeyedKey: ManagementF4LV2SVMHUOL1UOD2LLF
Secret (outbound)Key: plax+zs9eSmvLVl2E7Wc8fRyv+cyuq7vYgQi7E/6
(PleaseDefault noteRegion while[US]: we

Use try"" for S3 Endpoint and not modify it to passthe ontarget theseAmazon communities,S3.
S3 upstreamEndpoint networks[]: may still advertise at these locations)

A: 1=Dont Advertise, 2=Advertise no padding, 3=Advertise pad x1, 4=Advertise pad x2, 5=Advertise pad x3, 6=Advertise no-export
B: 0=Transit + Peering, 1=Transit Only, 2=Peering Only
56038:1AB00 Global
56038:1AB21 AU Brisbane
56038:1AB01 AU Sydney GlobalSwitch
546038:1AB26 AU Sydney Equinix
56038:1AB02 AU Melbourne
56038:1AB03 AU Perth
56038:1AB09 DE FRA8
56038:1AB08 HK
56038:1AB14 IN
56038:1AB13 JP
56038:1AB19 MN MNDC1
56038:1AB20 MN GEMNET1
56038:1AB12 NL Amsterdam
56038:1AB11 NZ
56038:1AB17 TH BKK1
56038:1AB18 TH BKK2
56038:1AB06 UK London
56038:1AB04 US Fremont
56038:1AB05 US Chicago
56038:1AB15 US Los Angeles, CA
56038:1AB16 US Reston VA
56038:1AB07 SG
56038:1AB22 KG NSP1
56038:1AB23 PH Carmona
56038:1AB24 PH Makati
56038:1AB25 ID Jakarta

56038:5070 Force local-pref 70
56038:5080 Force local-pref 80 (Default)
56038:5090 Force local-pref 90
56038:5095 Force local-pref

InformationalUse Communities"%(bucket)" to the target Amazon S3. "%(inbound)bucket)s" and "%(location)s" vars can be used
56038:3000if Receivedthe viatarget localS3 system supports dns based buckets.
56038:3001DNS-style Receivedbucket+hostname:port viatemplate transit
56038:3002for Received via peering
56038:3003 Received via customer

BGP Internal Distancing
RackCorp usesaccessing a privatebucket AS65001[%(bucket)]: to%(bucket)

Encryption represent some internal connectors in the BGP router path andpassword is used to indicateprotect distanceyour betweenfiles datacenters/cities.from Youreading
by unauthorized persons while in transfer to S3
Encryption password:
Path to GPG program [/bin/gpg]:

When using secure HTTPS protocol all communication with Amazon S3
servers is protected from 3rd party eavesdropping. This method is
slower than plain HTTP, and can makeonly usebe ofproxied thesewith internallyPython 2.7 or newer
Use HTTPS protocol [Yes]:

On some networks all internet access must go through a HTTP proxy.
Try setting it here if you wishcan't inconnect calculatingto optimalS3 routingdirectly
HTTP Proxy server name:

New settings:
Secret Key: plax+zs9eSmvLVl2E7Wc8fRyv+cyuq7vYgQi7E/6
Default Region: US
S3 Endpoint:
DNS-style bucket+hostname:port template for accessing a bucket: %(bucket)
Encryption password:
Path to GPG program: /bin/gpg
Use HTTPS protocol: True
HTTP Proxy server name:
HTTP Proxy server port: 0

Test access with supplied credentials? [Y/n] Y
Please wait, attempting to list all buckets...
Success. Your access key and secret key worked fine :-)

Now verifying that encryption works...
Not configured. Never mind.

Save settings? [y/N] Y
Configuration saved to '/home/demo/.s3cfg'


S3 Storage White-label Partner Services

RackCorp also extends all of the above S3 Storage Regions to our white-label partner programme where you assign your s3.<yourhostname> nameservers to RackCorp hosted DNS.  Please contact for further information.