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Access Specifications (EN)

SMTP Access

  • SMTP / SMTPS / SMTP over TLS (port 25)
  • SMTPS (port 465)
    • TLS / STARTTLS support
  • SUBMISSION (port 587)
    • TLS / STARTTLS support

Technology Notes: Postfix SMTP

Option to enabled or disable for each of the following


IMAP Access

  • IMAPS (port 993)

IMAP (port 143) is disabled by default due to it being unencrypted)


Active-Sync Access

  • HTTPS (port 443)


Web-Access (Webmail, Cloud Storage, Caldav, CardDav, iCal, Chat)

All access to Web services is via load balancer apps which protect inside infrastructure from mis-configured clients, as well as automatically renew SSL certificates every 3 months.

  • HTTP redirects traffic to HTTPS
  • HTTPS (default configuration has only TLS 1.2 enabled.  TLS 1 / TLS 1.1 optionally configurable)