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Features (EN)

RackCorp UMS is feature-rich, made for multi-tenanted environments such as ISPs, Managed Service Providers, Governments, and multinationals who need to run multiple tenancies within a hosted environment.

Feature Available / Description
Multi-domain Unlimited domains allowed
Contacts Unlimited Contacts allowed
Calendar Unlimited Calendars allowed
Tasks Unlimited Tasks allowed
Full-Text Search (including attachments) Yes (v 1.3+)
Attachment Preview Yes (Text, Images, some other)
POP/IMAP/SMTP Support Yes (Encrypted versions of these protocols, optional to turn on unencrypted)
Deleted Items / Trash Yes (default 30 days)
Granular account access control

Disable deleting / sending emails vs read-only access



Server-side mail sort

Yes, using sieve mail filters (configurable from web)


Active-active topology allows massive scaling

Fault Tolerance

Node auto-sync, multi-site, load balanced

Delivery notifications

Yes (where supported by recipient)

Global Address Book


CardDAV, CalDav, iCal Support

Yes, Yes, Yes!

LDAPS integration


Attachment / Spam Filtering

  • Block attachments based on extension / type
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • Greylisting
  • Powerful admin spam hold / release functionality for large volumes of emails

Language Support

  • English (EN)
  • Russian (RU)
  • Mongolian (MN)

Smart Storage

  • Reduce your storage costs for unified messaging and emails by using tiers of storage
  • IMAP Emails and Attachments can be stored on CIFS/NFS/S3 after idle accesses to them.
  • Cloud Files can be stored on CIFS/NFS/S3

Calendar Sharing

Rich Calendar functionality, ability to create events, share events, and share calendar information between users


Collaboration between employees is made easy:


Task Management

Task lists can be created and managed via the same interface


Cloud Storage Save / Upload

The RackCorp UMS has a very useful cloud storage capability built-in the the web interface, and includes mobile apps for IOS and Android.  Using this interface, a user can very quickly and easily access their stored cloud files, while also having powerful tools available for synchronising their cloud storage to personal laptops / desktops.

Viewing Cloud Storage



Saving Email Attachments Directly to Cloud Storage
Uploading Attachments Directly From Cloud Storage


Creating Documents Directly in Cloud Storage


Sharing Documents with internal users


Mobile Apps For Easy File Access


Windows Desktop Sync App