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Overview (EN)

Enterprise-Ready Messaging

RackCorp Unified Messaging provides on-premise, enterprise grade services for messaging within a government or business.  This includes:

E-Mail Services
Calendar Services
Organisation Contact Lists
Individual Chat and Group Messaging
Private Cloud File Storage

Access from Anywhere

Mobility is important with messaging solutions.  The RackCorp UMS provides easy access using web, desktop, and mobile-app tools, allowing for common access to emails, messaging, and files from anywhere in the world, with the benefit of being able to deploy on-premises, or in datacentres of your choice.


Web-based and Desktop access solutions

For a typical office environment and maximum compatibility, web-based access is essential.  RackCorp UMS provides a very user-friendly experience for office desktop, and mobile laptop users, presenting chat, file sharing, and email services in the one, easy-to-use user interface.


Mobility in Difficult Conditions

When employees are out of an office environment, access to emails, calendars, files, and chat with other employees is essential to achieving a productive environment.  RackCorp UMS provides access via multiple mobile applications


UMS Cloud FIlesoon mobile (Android)


UMS Cloud Files on mobile (Android)

All apps provide very fast, efficient access to services, avoiding the clumsy, inefficient feel of many other mobile applications.

Data Sovereignty - Own Your Data

Large enterprises and Government who find themselves at sovereign risk from having their data stored in public clouds finally have the opportunity to have their data stored securely at datacenters or business premises of their choice.  This suite provides great physical control over everything from primary, secondary, and backup services.  You can chooce to host your services:

  • On-Premise
    If you already have your own virtualisation platform on-premise, then RackCorp can work with you to both deploy and manage the RackCorp UMP on your own dedicated server or virtualised environment.  Contact us for more information on this option.
    Pricing is based on  a perpetual license model
  • At any of RackCorp's datacenters globally including:
    Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Amsterdam, India, Switzerland.
    Pricing options for this include per-user, per organisation, and even per-GB storage models.