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RackCorp BGP Communities

Help and Support EN

RackCorp is currently undergoing a transition to our BGP model globally.  If you notice a combination of communities is not working as you expect, please raise a support ticket as our team as it may be our issue BGP Looking Glass URL(RackCorp is currently und...

S3 Storage Settings

Help and Support EN

S3 Storage Regions Region Area Code Australia GlobalSwitch DC1 au-nsw-gbl1 Australia Equinix SYD4 au-nsw-eqx4 Australia Sydney au-nsw Thailand Bangkok NTT DC1 th-bkk Mongolia Ulaanbaatar mn Mongolia Ulaanbaatar GEMNET DC1 mn-gem1 Hong Kong h...

Performance Measurements of Linux, DanOS, VYOS, VPP, and Linux XDP at 100GE

Research and Development

Tests still being performed - VPP Still as yet untested Results: Table below represent Millions of Packets Per Second (MPPS) send for forwarding via the router software vs packetloss of the end destination of expected packets.Note:- droptest % represents the...

RackCorp Datacenter Locations and Codes

Help and Support EN

Datacenter Codes and Test IPs The codes below identify the locations of servers both at order time and on billing information DC Code DC Description Test IP v4 Test IP v6 RC-AU-NEXTDCB2 AU Brisbane NextDC B2 RC-AU-VOCUS5...

Virtual Server BGP Settings

Help and Support EN

BGP Configuration for RackCorp AS56038 All RackCorp VMs globally are capable of advertising prefixes via BGP at no extra cost.  The following instructions relate to customers with virtual servers who wish to advertise their public IP addresses. 1) Preparatio...

Bind DNS

Help and Support EN Applications

Common Issues Issue: server booted with a time in the future, and bind / named downloaded the trust information with a future timestamp Often you'll see this in the logs:validating ./DNSKEY: unable to find a DNSKEY which verifies the DNSKEY RRset and also ma...



Reference material: Swagger App: Rackcorp REST API docs: PHP Code: Simple server creation: <?p...

Access Specifications (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

SMTP Access SMTP / SMTPS / SMTP over TLS (port 25) SMTPS (port 465) TLS / STARTTLS support SUBMISSION (port 587) TLS / STARTTLS support Technology Notes: Postfix SMTP Option to enabled or disable for each of the following   IMAP Access...

Overview (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Enterprise-Ready Messaging RackCorp Unified Messaging provides on-premise, enterprise grade services for messaging within a government or business.  This includes: E-Mail ServicesCalendar ServicesOrganisation Contact ListsTasksIndividual Chat and Group Messa...

User Collaboration

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Enterprise-Ready Collaboration As a team grows, the complexities of interactions involving documents, media, and emails also grows.  RackCorp UMS provides the tools for enterprises to not such collaborate internally, but to do so securely, and efficiently. S...

Deployments, Reliability, Performance and Scalability (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Deployment Options As communications within any enterprise is critical for day-to-day operations, RackCorp recommends a multi-zone deployment for the RackCorp UMS product. A typical 2-zone deployment looks like this: RackCorp UMS is designed to be run in HO...

Security (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Platform Security RackCorp Organisation RackCorp is headquartered in Australia with operations based in 16 countries around the world.  We have a strong focus on security due to the nature of our customers with sensitive data in government, banking, and high...

Backup and Data Recovery (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Service and Data Backup and Recovery RackCorp UMS Application All RackCorp UMS servers are deployable and rebuildable from the API / Portal Controller which makes for fast re-deployment.  Base RockyLinux OS needs to be deployed, and a script run to register ...

Features (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

RackCorp UMS is feature-rich, made for multi-tenanted environments such as ISPs, Managed Service Providers, Governments, and multinationals who need to run multiple tenancies within a hosted environment. Feature Available / Description Multi-domai...

User Productivity Interface

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Web-based GUI The web-based GUI is designed for maximum browser compatibility, while providing a smooth flow for typical business day interactions. From this one GUI, access via icons on the left give access directly to: Email Calendar Conta...

Authentication 2FA

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Natively, the web-based access supports 2-factor authentication using a variety of technologies including TOTP Applications such as Google Auth, as well as Yubikey. Google Authentication Instructions Google Auth is easy to use and setup within the UMS: ...

Team Chat

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

The RackCorp UMS provides very powerful chat features, allowing organisations to have logically segmented chat sessions, while also providing user-to-user chat capabilities. Chats are segmented into "streams". Another representation of a 'channel'. Users ca...


Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Multi-Tenancy / Multiple Domains The RackCorp platform provides a powerful ability both at the portal and API layers to create “virtual customer hierarchy” in our system. This allows you to logically group services together in a hierarchy-like manner  This al...

Licensing (EN)

Unified Messaging Suite (UMS)

Программное обеспечения Лицензия URL-адрес лицензирования NextCloud Открытый исходный код MariaDB Открытый исходный к...

Load balancers


Load Balancers RackCorp Load Balancers are designed to be easy to use for automation, while also being globally relevant.  By selecting the scope, they can be deployed both globally using public IPs, or can act locally acting as a LAN-based load balancer. cm...