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Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud

Each RackCorp VM by default comes with a Public NIC and Public IPV4 IP . This can be changed at order time or after ordering when the VM is provisioned.

Users can delete the public NIC for a VM after ordering and add private NICs.  When adding the private NICs they can select which (or many) of their private VLANs the private NIC has access to.  They can add up to three NICs per VM. They can have one public and one private if they wish.

The nature of the hosted private cloud means it is isolated from the internet. We offer a number of different firewall solutions to allow connectivity to these private or Hybrid Clouds For a basic solution we can deploy a VYOS firewall VM for the customer if they want inter-VLAN firewalling and NAT.  It gets deployed with basic outbound NAT and remote SSH based management by default. VYOS is strictly a command line only application

A more advanced solution is a managed firewall as a service.  We provide ISO27001 managed firewall for them with all changes tracked logged.  We also do updates and setup high availability/monitoring.