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Security Token How-To

Help and Support EN

1. Choose user  Log into the portal using your username and password and navigate to ADMINISTRATION  -> MY DETAILS Click on MY DETAILS. The CLIENTS AND USERS PAGE is displayed.  Click USERS to display the assigned users under your CLIENT (customer) acco...

Install OPNsense Firewall

Help and Support EN

OPNsense 20.x setup workflow for RackCorp Hybrid cloud Summary: Setting up OPNsense is easy if one has direct access bare metal, or has a desktop virtualisation where one can define internal NICs/networks, which can be used for the LAN side management. Howe...

Update BookStack on RackCorp

Help and Support EN

- For RackCorp Web Hosting Platform Only - 1. Login to the hosted website shell using a local user, NOT a super user. the PHP version gets misdetected as superuser 2. cd /httpdocs/Bookstack 3. ls to verify folder contents. note artisan, composer.*, comp...

Self-Signed SSL certificates

Help and Support EN

Navigating OpenSSL can be tricky with a number of command line chains to memorise, that generate different products.Should a temporary self-sign be needed for a website initial deployment or test process, the following webpage has a all in one generator and pr...

Popular Settings

News and Annoucements

You will find instructional guides on how to setup cloud services on the platform under HELP AND SUPPORT in both the English and Russian Languages Browse RackCorp Book Shelf Private Cloud VPN Setup your account & PC to access your Pri...

Microsoft Office Outlook

Help and Support EN E-mail Settings

Guide for Outlook 2010,2013,2016,2019,2022 & Office 365 Outlook 2010/2013/2016 Figure 2 Microsoft Outlook account settings (File Menu) Figure 3 Microsoft Outlook Add Account - Auto Setup Figure 4 Enter your account password here if prompted during ...

Apple iPhone and iPad

Help and Support EN E-mail Settings

POP/IMAP manual setup Figure 43 Navigate to the settings icon in your idevice, and then Passwords and Accounts Figure 44 in the Settings -> Passwords & accounts page, hit Add Account. Fetch New Data should be Push Figure 45 we are manually setting...

Android Phone and Tablets

Help and Support EN E-mail Settings

For Android based phones, tablets, Chromebook and IoT devices, there are a number of options of e-mail clients. Some vendors supply their own developed email client however Google’s own GMAIL client is common across all legitimate android devices and we supp...

Apple Mac OS

Help and Support EN E-mail Settings

Exchange setup POP3/IMAP manual setup Figure 23 in Mac Mail accounts, select add other mail account Figure 24 In the Mac Mail setup wizard, fill in your POP/IMAP account details Figure 25  Mac Mail setup wizard will then request the server names....

Mozilla Thunderbird

Help and Support EN E-mail Settings

Email Client Setup | Mozilla Thunderbird Figure 20 Mozilla Thunderbird setup, choose add mail account from the dropdown and fill in the details then press continue. Figure 21 Mozilla Thunderbird email setup - choose manual Config now if you wish to defin...

Windows Mail

Help and Support EN E-mail Settings

Windows 10 Mail POP/IMAP manual setup Auto discovery or manual settings can be used with Win10 Mail Figure 13 Windows 10 Mail setup – Click Accounts and then add account. Select Advanced setup Figure 14 Windows 10 mail manual setup for RackCorp POP/IMA...

Getting started with rclone for RackCorp S3 storage - Windows

Help and Support EN

rclone is an open source multi-platform tool for managing your cloud file storage. Multiple storage providers are supported natively including the large hyper-scalers as well as regional niche providers. RackCorp S3 Storge is natively supported in rclone maki...